Program - WAV Launcher

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This is a hidden program launcher. It will launch a specified program or .wav file at user defined intervals. The user can select the program or .WAV file to be launched and the frequency of launching. For programs you can specify the style of launching; normal, maximized and minimized.

This program is guaranteed to annoy any user. Imagine Notepad.exe, or the .WAV file "Hail to the King Baby!" launching every five minutes. This is a great prank to play on a co-worker or friend.

Screen shots

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Command line Options

Just pass the EXE or WAV file and the time in minutes.


"C:\MY STUFF\LAUNCHER.EXE" "C:\WINDOWS\NOTEPAD.EXE" 2 This would launch notepad every 2 minutes

Not sure what a command line is or how to use it? Read our detailed explanation here.

How to close

Move your mouse pointer to the TOP LEFT corner of your screen. This will stop the program from running in memory. If you have successfully moved your mouse in the correct position, the program will close and display an About Box Screen. Once you close this screen, the program will exit. Exiting the software will allow Windows to delete the file.

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Windows Support

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